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Monday, October 22, 2012


Take a Poe-ment with The Big Read's Edgar Allan Poe, Part 3

Something to see...
From 1846-1849, Edgar Allan Poe lived out his last years in the hills of The Bronx at Poe Cottage.  This is where his young wife, Virginia, died from complications of tuberculosis, and where Poe wrote some of his most lyrical work, such as "Annabel Lee" and "The Bells."  When it was built in 1812, Poe Cottage "commanded unobstructed vistas over the rolling Bronx hills to the shores of Long Island."  Today it sits at Kingsbridge Road and the Grand Concourse, and is preserved by The Bronx County Historical Society.

Something to do...
Take a stab at drawing Edgar Allan Poe with this tutorial.

Something to ponder...
Poe's death is itself an unsolved mystery.  While traveling by steamer, he stopped in Baltimore on September 28, 1849.  What happened over the next few days remain uncertain.  What is known is that on October 3rd Poe was found disoriented at Gunner's Hall tavern in tattered clothing. Those who found him presumed he was drunk, and took him to Washington College Hospital where he was admitted as ill from intoxication.  While there, Poe never fully regained consciousness, but rambled incoherently.  Before the sun came up on October 7th, Poe died quietly, with his death attributed to "congestion of the brain."  No authopsy was performed.  Since that time, doctors have speculated the Poe could have died from epilepsy, hypoglycemia, rabies, a beating, heart failure, murder, or carbon monoxide poisoning. The truth will never be known. 

Something Pinteresting...
Edgar Allan Poe & the Big Read

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