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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Create-a-Story I: A Crazy Night at the Library

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Last week, patrons supplied words MadLib-style to be used in a collaborative story.  We collected 51 words--enough for two stories.

A Crazy Night at the Library

One night something really crazy happened at the Aaron Cutler Memorial Library. A plethora of pigeon-toed characters in the stories started running from their books!

Harry Potter climbed into Charlotte’s Web and started singing superbly with Wilbur the Pig! Alex Cross wandered into an encyclopedia and ended up lost in Santo Domingo!

The most peculiar part was when Stephanie Plum jiggled into The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and said, “Dave, I don’t think we’re in East Oshgosh, WI any more.” Alarmingly, she must have been allergic to silly putty as her nose and tongue tickled until… Ah-choo!

The 492,657,030,100 annoying characters were rambling slowly around the room eating until even the most persnickety were tired and satiated.

Callie walked in and said, “Attention!! Everybody back in place!” The characters jumped actively back into their books seeking a spot to rest. Cha-ching! Just in time! Eighty-nine patrons walked into the library, but it was safe. All the characters were back in the books where they belonged.

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