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Kids' Summer Reading Challenge

Join us for free, fun and exciting outdoor events under the tent here at the library! The goal of the Summer Reading Challenge is to make sure kids have a terrific reading experience over the summer, bolster their reading skills, and prepare them for a new school year. 

There are 3 ways to register:
  1. Register online.
  2. Browse the Children's room and register in person.
  3. Call 424-4044 or email us and we can help you register.

Tw/Teen Summer Reading Challenge

Join the Tween & Teen Summer Reading Challenge to earn tickets for weekly prize drawings by reading books, comics, audiobooks, and magazines, and attending events!! 


Adult Summer Reading Challenge

Join the Adult Summer Reading Challenge to earn a prize drawing ticket when you sign up, and for every Bingo or event you attend. 


Remember to READ 4 THe FuN oF iT @ Aaron Cutler Memorial Library!

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