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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


What’s Your Reading Goal for 2017?

What’s Your Reading Goal for 2017? | 1-25-17
At the start of a new year, articles on New Year’s resolutions abound and readers aren’t left out.  Google “2017 ‘reading goals’” and you’ll get 225,000 results. Change that to “2017 ‘reading challenge’” and you’ll find 6 million results.  Links take you to places like GoodReads, BookRiot, and BetterWorld Books.  Suggestions range from simply setting a number goal to monthly themes and the more lofty checklists designed to encourage you to become a broader reader.

I log everything I read on LibraryThing, so I took a look at the 53 books I read in 2016.  Thirty-two percent were audiobooks, which I highly recommend, and 16% were ebooks.  Ninety-four percent were fiction—no surprise there.  Only 15% were mystery, which did surprise me.  And 47% were new-to-me authors, another surprise. 

Based on this analysis, I am setting a goal of doubling my non-fiction reading.  I think my best chance of reaching this goal is to concentrate on memoirs.  I’m also going to pull from BookRiot’s ReadHarder list and set a goal to read: (1) an all-ages comic/graphic novel (by the way, one title on their list doubles as a memoir—score!); (2) a book I’ve read before; and (3) a LGBQT+ romance novel.

So, what’s your reading goal for 2017? Whether you have a simple goal or a convoluted goal, we’d love to hear it!



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