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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


"Rural Noir" Just Moved to Town

"Rural Noir" Just Moved to Town 1-31-17
Example of "Rural Noir"
There’s a new genre in town! NoveList has introduced “rural noir.” You may know it as grit lit, hick lit, rough South, dirty South, country noir or hillbilly noir. Whatever the term, rural noir is about the raw, gritty nature of both the writing and the subject matter.

“Meth labs and mountain men.  Trailer parks and teen pregnancies.  These are some of the hallmarks of rural noir…Their stories capture the hardscrabble lives of working class men and women and the harsh realities of rural life, in the South and beyond.” (Susan Brown,NoveList 2017)

Sound interesting?  You might want to read Where All Light Tends to Go by David Joy, or try entering the genre “rural noir” in the NoveList Plus advanced search and choose a title from there.  

About NoveList
NoveList is a free online service designed to help reader's find new books and authors to read.  NoveList also includes BookTalks, Book Discussion Guides, Author Read-alikes, author biographies, and more.

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