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Monday, October 19, 2015


Why You Should Use Audiobooks Everyday

I am a big fan of audiobooks.  Specifically free downloadable audibooks.  I always have one going and  a few in reserve.  I like audiobooks because they allow me to read in situations where a print book just wouldn't do.  I listen to audiobooks in the car to and from work and while out running errands.  I listen to audiobooks while I walk and fold laundry.  (Not at the same time, of course.)

This is why Adam Sockel's article "6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Audiobooks Everyday" resonated with me. Sockel's recommends using audiobooks to:
1. multitask at work
2. better enjoy working out
3. make traffic not suck (so much)
4. give your eyes a rest before bed
5. help young readers learn sentence structure, grammar, etc.
6. start to enjoying chores

Because I listen to audiobooks while doing other things, I usually select something on the lighter or suspenseful side. If a book requires a lot of concentration, it's out as an audiobook choice--it's hard for me to keep up if there are too many characters and too much bouncing around.  I save those titles to enjoy in print.

Audiobooks are available from our library on CD, and more recently on MP3-CDs, and for download to MP3 players, smart phones, your computer and sometimes CD. 

If you are a fan of audiobooks, how do you use them?  If you haven't tried them, let us help you get started!

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