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Friday, April 24, 2015


Stuffed Animal Sleepover Slideshow and Photos

2015 Stuffed Animal Sleepover Slideshow and Photos
On April 2nd, the library held a special story time in the Young Readers' Room.  Miss Carrie-Anne invited children to bring a stuffed friend to the library to listen to stories, sing songs, and then leave their stuffed friend for a sleepover.  

As you might imagine, the stuffies weren't very interested in sleeping.  They colored, played dress up, and quite frankly got into a bit of trouble.  Eventually they settled down for a much needed rest.

In the morning, the stuffies were awoken early for a field trip to McQuesten Farm.  At the farm, they explored the green houses, took turns watering flowers, fed the goats and yes, some behaved a bit fresh.

Returning to the library before it opened, the stuffies all lined up awaiting the return of their human friends to take them back home for hugs and snuggles.

Miss Carrie-Anne created a scrapbook of photos to commemorate her 6th Annual Stuffed Animal Sleepover for everyone to enjoy.

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