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Monday, October 20, 2014


Book Bunch Reads The Fast and the Furriest for November

Book Bunchers in grades 3-5 read Andy Behrens's The Fast and the Furriest for their November 20th gathering at 4:00.  The book discussion will be followed by a short activity. Books are available in the Young Readers' Room on the lower level of the library.

About the Book
Your best friend can really change your life, even if he's a dog: That's the message of this funny and inspiring story. Everyone in the Pugh family is athletic...except for 12-year-old Kevin. He prefers video games to sports, and he is determined to never play another game of kickball in his life. Fortunately, Kevin has some equally lazy company: his dog, Cromwell, who once passed out while chasing a squirrel. Then Cromwell sees a dog-agility competition on TV, and soon he's jumping through hoops, running everywhere, and dragging Kevin outside to the nearest obstacle course.

Thanks to some financial backing from Kevin's best friend and some help from a mysterious dog trainer, it looks like Cromwell might actually have a chance at the big canine athletic competition. Can Kevin help his crazy dog reach his dream, and maybe even learn a few things about himself along the way?

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