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Friday, March 08, 2013


Join Us for Imperial Russian Faberge Eggs on March 27th

photo courtesy of darkroastedblend.com
Just in time for Easter decorating inspiration! Join us at the library for Imperial Russian Fabergé Eggs on Wednesday, March 27th at 7:00 p.m.

This unique and beautifully illustrated presentation by Marina Forbes focuses on the remarkable work of Russian master jeweler and artist, Peter Carl Fabergé, who created 50 eggs for the imperial family.

Each egg included “an element of surprise—a tradition that began with the first egg, known as the Hen Egg, which Alexander III commissioned as a gift for his wife, Empress Maria Fyodorovna, for Russian Orthodox Easter. Its unadorned white enamel shell housed a yellow-gold yolk, which opened to reveal a golden hen, resting in a bed of suede edged with stippled gold, meant to evoke the straw of a hen's nest. The hen, in turn, opened to reveal the final surprise—a miniature version of the Russian imperial crown, crafted in diamonds and rubies, holding a small ruby pendant egg.” ("Fabergé, Peter Carl.Encyclopædia BritannicaEncyclopædia Britannica Online Library EditionEncyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 2013. Web. Mar. 2013.)

The program features a spectacular photo-tour of Fabergé collections at the Constantine Palace in St. Petersburg and from major museums and private collectors around the world.  

Forbes will explore the important role of egg painting in Russian culture and the unique development of this major Russian art form from a traditional craft to the level of exquisite fine art under the patronage of the tsars. She will also discuss the fascinating history of these eggs, their role in the dramatic events of the last decades of Romanov rule in Russia, and in the years following the Bolshevik Revolution.

This program is made possible through a grant from the New Hampshire Humanities Council.  Additional support is provided by the library.

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