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Monday, January 28, 2013


Braver's Tunnel Vision and Skin Deep Available for Check-Out

We are excited to have an author talk with suspense novelist Gary Braver on Wednesday, February 6th at 7:00 p.m. in the Campbell High School Music Room, and we hope you are too!

To gear up for this event, we have copies of two of Braver's 8 novels available for check-out for those of you who'd like to get familiar with his work before the talk.  But don't worry, this isn't required reading--there will be no quiz at the event.

Following the talk, Braver will have copies of his books for sale, which he will, of course, be happy to autograph. 

In addition, our adult book discussion group, All Booked Up, will read Braver's Flashback for their March 6th meeting. 

Available now: Tunnel Vision and Skin Deep

book cover
About Tunnel Vision.   Following a biking accident, Boston grad student Zack Kashian lapses into a coma. When he wakes up on Easter, months later, muttering the Lord’s Prayer in the original Aramaic, the media quickly anoints him the “Miracle Man.”

Zack’s revival catches the attention of a small team of neuroscientists secretly researching near-death experiences. Their objective: to determine if there is anything to the reports of floating down tunnels into celestial light and meeting spiritual beings. Is this evidence of the afterlife? Or is it just neurobiology, as Sarah Wyman, one of the young researchers, suspects?

Zack’s experiences are anything but heavenly. While he and Sarah struggle to understand his horrific out-of-body experiences, sinister forces have taken an interest in them. Forces to whom near-death experiences are utter blasphemy—deceptions created by Satan himself—and who, in the name of God, will stop at nothing to terminate the project and all involved.

book cover
About Skin Deep.  Someone is killing the most alluring women of Boston. Someone whose keen eye for beauty masks a twisted mind. Someone who insinuates himself into his victims’ lives and leaves them with nothing but an elegant black stocking knotted around their necks

Homicide detective Lieutenant Steve Markarian must stop the killer before another woman is sacrificed. The stakes increase when he realizes his own wife has caught the killer’s eye.

In this stunning psychological thriller, bestselling author Gary Braver explores the nature of beauty, and the forbidding yearnings that kill in its name.

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