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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Take a Poe-ment with The Big Read's Edgar Allan Poe, Part 4

Something to Make...

Who doesn't like paper crafts?  Download this little fella or one of Toy-a-Day's other fun foldables!

Something to Ponder...

"The Light-House" is the unofficial title of the last work written by Poe.  It is a story told through the diary entries of a lighthouse keeper who has just begun his service in a Scandanavian light.  The work contains entries for January 1-3, and only a heading for January 4th.  Biographer Kenneth Silverman believes the work was complete in its 2 page form, with the final blank entry signifying the death of the keeper. Others believe it was an unfinished short story or novel, with a number of authors "collaborating" with Poe and finished the story themselves.

Something to See...

You can visit Poe's burial place in the Westminster Cemetery in Baltimore, but you may get confused.  The cemetery contains both a headstone at his original burial place, and a monument at his current burial place.  There's just nothing straight forward when it comes to Edgar Allan Poe.

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Edgar Allan Poe & the Big Read

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