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Sunday, October 21, 2012


D'Entremont in Litchfield

Coming to a library shelf near you!
Haunted Lighthouses of New England was a fascinating presentation.  The Campbell High School Auditorium held 75+ people all interested in finding out just what these lighthouses held.

Jeremy D'Entremont, describing himself as a skeptic with an open mind, told stories of his paranormal investigative experiences with the New England Ghost Project in a number of coastal lights.  Using photographs, video, and EPV recordings (electronic voice phenomenon), he shared the history of more than 10 individual lighthouses, their keepers, and their ghosts.  Included in this list was Maine's Owl's Head Light, New Hampshire's Portsmouth Light, Rhode Island's Rose Island Light, and Connecticut's New London Ledge Light.  

Being a skeptic, D'Entremont told us he always looks for other possible explanations to the things he sees and hears while on investigations.  One such time, he sat at a table with the NEGP team.  Everyone had placed their fingertips lightly on top, and a member asked that the table be moved if there was a spirit present.  Over a period of 30 minutes or so, the table first began to vibrate, then a leg lifted a bit, and finally the table "danced."  During this time he saw that nothing and no one had contact with the table, except for a varying number of fingertips.  "I'll let you decide," he concluded.

Following the presentation, individuals gathered around a table of D'Entremont's books, where he answered questions and autographed books.

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