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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Visit the Museum of Science in Boston

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The Friends of the Library provide one pass each day to the MOS.  This general admission pass to the exhibits admits up to 4 people at $5 per person.  (Admission to the Omni Theater, the Planetarium, or Laser Show is not included.)

Passes may be reserved up to two months in advance. Please note, passes for February 20-23 have already been reserved. For more information, see Rules for Borrowing an Activity Pass

The museum's 39 current exhibits include the three special exhibits listed below.

Diabetes: A Deeper Look
This highly participatory exhibit allows visitors to better understand this growing epidemic and find out more about available treatment options. Step through a giant cell, walk into a 40-foot blood vessel, and witness dramatic visualizations of insulin treatments to gain a sense of the challenges that people with diabetes face to maintain their blood sugar levels. Activity stations with real exercise equipment and a playful "Rappin' Refrigerator" help emphasize how diet and exercise can help keep the disease at bay. Learn more.

Harness the power of a laser and learn to bend it around corners with this high-tech exhibit that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the laser's invention. Visitors of all ages can explore not only how these power-packed beams of light work, but also how their technology impacts our everyday lives. With several interactive components, this exhibit playfully demonstrates fundamentals of a technology that has long captured our imaginations. Learn everything you need to know in order to take on fellow visitors in a game of laser foosball, guide a laser beam through a labyrinth, and more. Learn more.

Race: Are We Different
Learn the story of race from biological, cultural, and historical points of view — through interactive components, historical artifacts, compelling photographs, and multimedia presentations. The RACE Project explains the differences among people and reveals the reality — and unreality — of race, while encouraging visitors to engage in discussion about how race continues to shape our lives today. Learn more.

Exhibit descriptions taken from the Museum of Science website.

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