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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Law and Order is the Book of the Month in August

book cover
Pick up a copy of Law and Order by Dorothy Uhnak, our featured book for August.

From the Publisher
From 1937 to the 1970s the NYPD owned the New York City streets, and the Irish owned the NYPD. Officers ruled their beat, fighting crime the way they wanted, and bending the law to take what they could. There was only one rule— look after your own. When Sergeant Brian O’Malley’s prostitute lover pushes him out of a window, his friends in the police cover up the details and give him a hero’s funeral. His eldest son is encouraged to join the boys in the force, but as he rises the ranks he realizes that all favors must be repaid, whatever the repercussions.

Next Month:  Old Ghosts of New England: A Traveler's Guide to the Spookiest Sites in the Northeast

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