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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Minute to Win It Tween and Teen Games, July 22nd

minute to win it logoCome join us on Thursday July 22nd from 11:30 – 12:30 for the Minute To Win It Tween and Teen Games.

Play intriguing games that involve candy, cookies, and even Ho Ho’s! (Maybe a little fruit will be involved just to keep it healthy….but let's keep that under wraps).

The object of the Games is to complete the challenges “in a minute” while competing against your peers.

Some of the challenges you may be doing include: Face the Cookie, Chocolate Unicorn, Candy Elevator, Defying Gravity, Caddy Stack, Double Trouble, Floatacious, Johnny Apple Stack, and Elephant March. (You can see a full description of the challenges at NBC's Minute To Win It.)

If you're planning to join us, please sign-up in the Teen Room so we can plan how much fruit...er, I mean, how many Ho-Ho's to bring. And if you come with a friend, it will be all that much more fun!

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This is great! I have two teens and they both LOVE Minute to Win It.

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