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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Manfiction in a Sea of Chick-lit

book coverDo men read? Borrow or buy books? Or is it all about women? That’s the general impression, especially when it comes to fiction. But is it really true?

Enter Stephen King. He argues “reports of the male reader’s death have been greatly exaggerated.” Publishers do sell a ton of “manfiction.” It may not always dominate the New York Times best seller list, or garner the lion’s share of publicity, but it’s no shrinking violet.

There are some great authors headlining the category. King recommends Jonathan Kellerman, Robert Crais, Richard Stark, Robert B. Parker, Michael Connelly and Lee Child. They are the yin to the ladies’ Nora Roberts/Sandra Brown/Jodi Picoult yang, delivering testosterone filled escape and entertainment.

If you have a reluctant male reader in your life who seems to be floundering in the sea of chick-lit, try getting one of these authors into his hands.

And let me end by saying “manfiction” isn’t just for men. Some of my favorite authors are Robert B. Parker, Jack Higgins, and W.E.B. Griffin. They make a nice cocktail when mixed with Janet Evanovich, Joanne Harris and Lorna Landvik. But does it work both ways? Do men read the female perspective as well?

What’s your experience?

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